DMJ国際ダンス映画祭 2015

A Mail Questionnair to Dance Film Directors



The annual International Dance Film Festival screens the selected dance films by the festival curator out of over 150 entries from around the world. Here, we asked some questions to directors who created the selected dance films. What made you make this film? Meaning of the title? Where did you film this picture? Who is this dancer? etc. A Q&A good to read both before and after you see the films.

Questions and translation by Mizuhito KURODA

ララバイ フォー イリュージョン

監督 Kimmo Alakunnas


Kimmo Alakunnas:Theatre Academy Helsinkiでダンスと振付けを学び、2010年春に文学修士として卒業。ダンスは2002年から学んできました。まずTurku Conservatoryで。2005年以降はTheatre Academy Helsinkiで。俳優、ダンサー、振付師そしてショートフィルムの映画監督です。最近の活動は生のダンスパフォーマンスや、短いコンテンポラリーダンス映画、そして舞台作品のためのビデオアートが主です。


Kimmo Alakunnas:彼女はRosa Chimenti というダンサーで、主にロンドンで活動しています。Rosaとは私がダンスアトリエを持っていたルクセンブルクで出会いました。そのアトリエでこの映画のための振付けを一緒に作り、ロケーションを一緒に探しました。映画でRosaが演じる人物は、アトリエで彼女に指導していた時に生まれました。彼女自身に近いけれど、彼女の動きや思考をより強調してアクセントがつくような方向に持って行ったのです。


Kimmo Alakunnas:動きと合うようなエネルギーの強い音楽が欲しかった。それにRosaの2つの全く異なる人格と世界を強調したかったというのもあります。狂気じみていて自分勝手な方と、地下室に閉じ込められた人格です。私の中では彼女の内部世界は寂しくて恐ろしい場所です。だからそれを強調するためにオルゴールの音を選びました。


Kimmo Alakunnas:私は人間の体のいたるところに動きとダンスを見いだせると考えています。だから、顔でダンスをしてはいけない道理はないでしょう?Rosaの人格は非常に力強い顔を持っていて、彼女はそれを使うことをためらいません。だって顔の表情だけで、世界征服をすることだってできるわけですからね・・・


Kimmo Alakunnas:まず初めに、私の手元には才能があって、面白くて、個性的なダンサーがいました。次に、映画をとるのに面白い空間が見つかりました。そうすると自ずから私の目の前に世界が広がっていったので、そこに踏み込んで行ったのです。


Lullaby For Illusion

Director Kimmo Alakunnas

Please tell us about you, and what kind of films you have made in the past.

Kimmo Alakunnas:Kimmo Alakunnas has studied dance and choreography at Theatre Academy Helsinki and graduated in spring 2010 as Masters of Art. Kimmo has been studying dance since 2002, first at Turku Conservatory, and from 2005 onwards at Theatre Academy Helsinki. Kimmo has worked as an actor, dancer, choreographer and short film director. His previous works have mostly been dance performances for live audiences and contemporary dance short films and videoart for a theater pieces.

I felt a strong energy from the dancer. Who is she? Did you know you were going to put her in your film from the start?

Kimmo Alakunnas:Her name is Rosa Chimenti and she is a dancer, now based in London. We met with Rosa in Luxembourg where I was keeping my dance workshop. In the workshop we created together our choreography to our film and we found our locations where to shoot it. Her character in the film came out when I started to direct Rosa in the direction which is near her own self, but to add more highlights, accents and underlining to the movements and also to the mind.

How did you select and make the music and the sounds?

Kimmo Alakunnas:I wanted to have music which has a lot of energy to go together with the movement. I also wanted to underline Rosas characters two totally different worlds; her outside character who is more maniac and egocentric and her inside character who is trapped in the basement. In my mind her inside world is scary and lonely place and thats why I wanted to choose music box to underline that.

Not only the body movements, but the facial expression of the character was impressive. Is there anything particular that you think about human face or expression?

Kimmo Alakunnas:I think we can see movement and dance all over the human body, so why not dance with the face too? Rosas character has very powerful face and she is not afraid to use it. You can conquer the world by only using face expressions, you know...

Anyone who watched this film would know you have some wildest imaginations. What were the first ideas of the movie?

Kimmo Alakunnas:First I had a dancer who is talented, unique and interesting. Then I found movement for her. Then came interesting spaces where to shoot our film. It really grew in front of me and I stepped in to it's world.