Misako TERADA | Choreography and dance (Kyoto)

Belog to Ishii Academie de Ballet since 1987.
Organized a unit with Osamu Jareo in 1991 and awarded in “The 1st TORII AWARD” in March 2002. Also Trained at Ishii Academie de Ballet since 1987. Organized a unit with Osamu awarded the grand prize and the Audience prize in “TOYOTA CHOREOGRAPHY AWARD 2002”. Started solo work since 2006, choreographed by Setsuko Yamada, performed at Theatre Tram and Biwako Hall. Associate Professor, Kyoto Zan Yamashita, Tsuyoshi Shirai. In 2007, the first solo piece “AION“ was University of Art and Design (Department of Performing).

Fuei NISHIMATSU | Shamisen and singing (Tokyo)

Fuei Nishimatsu. Nishimatsu is iemoto (head) of the Nishimatsu school of shamisen and vocals and has given recitals at the National Theater and elsewhere in Tokyo, and in Rome, Budapest and Bangkok; she has performed at the Berlin Opera House, the Royal Academy of Arts in London and the Chamber Music Festival in Kuhmo, Finland.

Naoto IINA | Written, directed, and filmed (Tokyo)

Working in Toyko, producer, curator, director(performing arts & cultual events ), media artist, film maker. A producer of organization for Dance and Media Japan (since 2003) aiming at fusion of a performing arts and digital art. He administers various plans such as "Dance and Media" to introduce foreign artists to Japan,"international dance video festival", workshop "media farm" of the digital media technology. Now he works increasingly as an artist (director, film maker, sound maker, lighting designer....).
1993 grarduated at Meiji Gakuin University / Courses in Visual Arts and Film, 2001- started as director & producer, 2003- established Dance and Media Japan, 2008- Tokyo Zokei University / teacher, 2009- Za Koenji Theater Academy / teacher, 2010- Kyoto Seika University / teacher.

FEB 2011
Creation | Eiunin (Kyoto)

25 MAR 2011
Studio Performance | Hatsunekan Stduio (Kyoto)

18-19 NOV 2011
Performance Premiered at EiUnIn (Kyoto)

10-11 DEC 2011
Performance | Ikegami JiSsoJi (Tokyo)

19-20 OCT 2013
Performance | MyoKoJi (Niigata)

2-3 NOV 2013
Performance | SenGuIn (Hirosaki)