EDIT2010 6th International Dancefilm Festival


A joint initiative of Budapest Autumn Festival and Workshop Foundation

[会場] Toldi Mozi (1054 Budapest, Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út 36.)

LinkIcon EDIT2010 6th International Dancefilm Festival
LinkIcon キュレーター飯名尚人のブダペスト・レポートはこちらへ。


Workshop Foundation have been organizing (in cooperation with the Budapest Autumn Festival) Edit International Dance Film Festival for 6 years. The most important dance film platform of Hungary presents original films, videos on dance and movement; camera re-works and film experiments as well. The venue of the festival has been the downtown cinema Toldi for a couple of years. Since 2009 besides presenting the latest Hungarian dance films, a selected presentation films arrived to the international call there have been special curated sections presenting of different institutions/independent curators. In 2010 besides a Dutch and an Austrian selection (organized by Janine Dirkmeister from Cinedans, Amsterdam and by IMZ - Dance Screen) we will present a special Japanese section compiled by Naoto Iina from Dance and Media Japan.

 白井美穂「Unknown Binding」



 鈴木ユキオ、辺見康孝、飯名尚人「Love Vibration」(JCDN)