EDIT2010 6th International Dancefilm Festival

8 - 10 OCT 2010

A joint initiative of Budapest Autumn Festival and Workshop Foundation

[venue] Toldi Mozi (1054 Budapest, Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út 36.)

LinkIconEDIT2010 6th International Dancefilm Festival


Workshop Foundation have been organizing (in cooperation with the Budapest Autumn Festival) Edit International Dance Film Festival for 6 years. The most important dance film platform of Hungary presents original films, videos on dance and movement; camera re-works and film experiments as well. The venue of the festival has been the downtown cinema Toldi for a couple of years. Since 2009 besides presenting the latest Hungarian dance films, a selected presentation films arrived to the international call there have been special curated sections presenting of different institutions/independent curators. In 2010 besides a Dutch and an Austrian selection (organized by Janine Dirkmeister from Cinedans, Amsterdam and by IMZ - Dance Screen) we will present a special Japanese section compiled by Naoto Iina from Dance and Media Japan.

10 OCT 2010 / 18:00 - "MADE IN JAPAN" Japanese Work
unknown binding.jpeg  MIo Shirai "Unknown Binding"

ooze.jpeg MOKK"Ooze"

kono buttai.jpeg Daiji Meguro, Naoto Iina"kono buttai"

love vibration.jpeg Yukio Suzuki, Yasutaka Henmi, Naoto Iina "Love Vibration" (JCDN)