the 7th DMJ International Video Dance Festival
@ Saitama Arts Theater


13 JAN (FRI)



C |  101 min

 500 yen







D |  92min

500 yen


B | 99 min

500 yen





A | 107 min

500 yen




1program 500 yen (TALK & E program = Free)

A program 107min
13 JAN 2012(FRI)19:00 - 21:00

[Entry No1]
I'm right behind you

| Jeffrey P. Nesker  | 5' 29 | CANADA

Director Jeffrey P. Nesker
Choreographer Malcoezata Nowacka
Editor Jeffrey P. Nesker
Dancers Amy Hampton / Brendan Wyantt / Tim Spronk / Malgorzata Nowacka

[Entry No4]

| Phil Harder  | 4' 00 | USA

Director Phil Harder
Producer Tanja Meding
Choreographers and Performers Rosane Chamecki, Andrea Lerner
Composer Noel Kupersmith
Editor Patrick Pierson
Cinematographer Theo Stanley

[Entry No14]
| Jonny Silver | 6' 40 | CANADA
Ecstasy Forbidden is an allegory of love in our time - told in movement - unfolding in virtual space - suspended in time - existing in paradox. In it, two lovers, held back by powerful machines, must struggle to reach each other. It's unclear whether the machines are remnants of an ancient system or makings of a future one. But they appear to be the extensions of a totalitarian will - an unseen master who forbids all sensuality - who ensures that virtual simulation is the only reality.

Year Produced 2010
Director Jonny Silver
Choreographer Claudia Moore
Composer Svetlan Milosevic
Editor Gino Zolezzi
Dancers Lucy Rupert, Danny Wild
Producer (funders) Ontario Arts Council and Bravo!FACT Foundation To Assist Canadian Talent

[Entry No15]
There is a Place
| Katrina McPherson | 7' 23 | UK, CHINA

Year Produced 2010
Director Katrina McPherson
Choreographer Sang Jijia
Composer Philip Jeck
Editor Simon Fildes
Dancers Sang Jijia
Producer (funders)  Goat Media in cooperation with City contemporary Dance Company Hong Kong and Dance house Glasgow

[Entry No17]
The Rite
| Kimmo Alakunnas | 7' 20 | FINLAND
A figure rises from the sea to dry land. This is the beginning of a journey to a city and a secret place where he finds what he's after. The theme of the film is to find a life partner of your own. The main corrector comes from the world where finding your mate is a part of the rite. The Rite uses dance and movement as well as music as an element that leads the audience along. There are no spoken lines, so the viewer has more freedom to interpret the events of the film. It is a collaboration of film- and dance art.

Year Produced 2010
Director Kimmo Alakunnas
Choreographer Kimmo Alakunnas
Composer Rachmaninoff, Satie and Mahler
Editor Kimmo Alakunnas and Colin Foulkes
Dancers Kimmo Alakunnas and Beata Ryabchinskaya
Producer (funders) Kimmo Alakunnas

[Entry No19]
After the Water the Clouds
| Carmen Rozestraten | 9' 40 | NETHERLAND
Playful and poetic voyage of a young Catalan woman whose world becomes more and more surreal as she encounters mythical and unusual characters.

Year Produced 2009
Director Carmen Rozestraten
Choreographer Carmen Rozestraten
Composer Toni Marti
Editor Jennifer Chinlund
Dancers Maureen Lopez, Anna Tejero
Producer (funders)  Amsterdam Fonds voor de kunst

[Entry No30]
Sakura Tanz
| Satoshi Watanabe | 3' 23 | JAPAN

Director someido
Dancers monma megumi

[Entry No32]
The Mysteries of Nature
| Dahci Ma | 10' 55 | KOREA
The Mysteries of Nature is a visually stunning film exhibiting exceptional artistry in all its aspects. At once contemporary and primordial, the alien nature of this work transports us into a reverie from which we can see clearly the seeds of humanness and engage in a secular meditation for the future.

Year Produced 2008
Director Dahci Ma
Choreographer Jae-young Park
Composer Young-kyu Jang
Editor Sun-mi Kim
Dancers Jae-young Park
Producer(funders) Dahci Ma

[Entry No11]
| Liz Aggiss & Joe murray  | 20' 38 | UK
Beach Party Animal is a waiting game for unreserved game. Shot from the hip this menagerie is a concentrated twenty-four hour kinetic portrait of Brighton beach lives. Captured for posterity, the recumbent dream, the movers shake, and the drinkers, thinkers and stinkers strut and preen.

Year Produced 2011
Dancers Jo Andrews, Roger Clayden, Tim Crouch, Antonia Grove, Thomas Kampe, The Two Wrongies
Producer (funders) Commissioned by South East Dance
Supported by: Arts Council England, Esmee Fairbirn, Brighton&Hove City Council, Jerwood Foundation.

[Entry No12]
| Ana Cembrero Coca | 28' 00 | SPAIN
CINÉTICA it is a moment of time in the life of four personages.
The personages express what happens to them through their bodies and dance, evoking the subconscious mind that there is in each one of them. This short film shows through the feminine body the ambiguity between a real world and an imaginary world where the personages ramble, inhabits, looks for, dances, fights or plays, without separating what it is lived what it is dreamed.

Awards-Best dance film at - XXXVIII Dance Films Association-Dance camera on- NY-USA 26- january-2 de february 2010, Best europena dance film at- The 4th Jumping Festival-International dance video festival (Hong Kong, China, november 2010)

Year Produced 2009
Direction and script Ana Cembrero Coca
Production company La ignorancia
Edit Ana Cembrero Coca
Music Jorge Piquer Rodriguez, Nil Ramos
Sound designer Ana Cembrero Coca, Jorge Piquer Rodríguez

B program 99min
14 JAN 2012 (SAT) 17:00 - 19:00

[Entry No40]
| Andrea Gise | 4' 21 | USA
_"SNAP" takes place in colorful, gritty, outdoor Brooklyn, NY. The dancers of "agise & dancers" play with the camera, and their environment, in this fast and free-wheeling short film.

Year Produced 2010
Choreographer ANDREA GISE
Dancers Celia DeVoe, Kim Machaby
Producer (funders) agise & dancers

[Entry No52]
| Naoki Takeshi | 27' 50 | JAPAN

Cast Maiko Date , Michiko Ishida , Yuugo Yasuda , Hideshiro Suzuki
Camera Yuuki Horibe , Yuu Nimiya
Producer Kouji Hata
Gaffer Hiroko Matsuta
Music Yasuno Miyauchi
Director Naoki Takeshi

[Entry No37]
Light in Warped Time 
| Jennifer Schwed | 7' 07 | USA
'Light in Warped Time' examines the struggle between who we believe ourselves to be vs. how we should portray ourselves outwardly. A fantastical exploration of the desire to be free from social boundaries.

Year Produced 2010
Director Jennifer Schwed
Choreographer Lucy Bowen McCauley
Composer Somei Satoh (rights cleared)
Editor Jennifer Schwed
Dancers Alicia Curtis, Dustin Kimball, Heidi Kershaw, Alvaro Palau, Brook Urquart, Alaina Williams
Producer (funders) Jennifer Schwed

[Entry No104]
Dancing virgin
| Anstein Mikkelsen | 15' 30 | NORWAY

Director Anstein Mikkelsen
Choreographer Sunniva Huglen / Anstein Mikkelsen
Editor Anstein Mikkelsen
Dancer Sunniva Huglen
Producer Nordnorsk filmsenter AS, Sàmediggi, Siivet AS

[Entry No42]
| Manon LE ROY | 11' 30 | FRANCE
A woman is walking down a long corridor bordered and overlooked by a vast stretch of water. As she wanders, she is confronted by enigmatic entities, figures like sculptures, frozen as they wait and apparently indifferent to her as she moves about, as if absent...

Year Produced 2009
Director Manon LE ROY
Choreographer Manon LE ROY
Composer Yann LEGUAY
Editor Manon LE ROY
Dancers Jessica Brouté, Julie Reiller, Raphaël Le Cam, Olivier Gendron, Romain Pinaud, Morgan Le Tallec
Producer (funders) Le Fresnoy - Studio National des Arts Contemporains

[Entry No45]
Melt Film is a short dance film inspired by the Melt live performance work. The short film depicts a delicate, sensual and dramatic experience of the physical body in exile and surrender. Perched on a wall and wrapped in sculptural beeswax and lanolin costumes that are slowly melting away, dancers progress in euphoria and exhaustion as if approaching the sun, melting until their souls escape their ephemeral bodies and disintegrate into light.

Year Produced 2010
Dancers Elizabeth Wilkinson, Mare Hieronimus, Teresa Kochis, Celeste Hastings, Adi Kfir, Meghan Merrill, Marcy Schlissel, Sarah Donnelly
Producer (funders)
NATALIE GALAZKA for Sens Production

Melt Film was produced with a bravo!FACT (Foundation to Assist Canadian Talent) grant, supported by Bravo!NewStyleArtsChannel, a division of CTVglobemedia Inc.

[Entry No113]
some rules in the morning
| Nao Yoshigai | 3' 26 |  JAPAN

Director, Choreographer, Composer Nao Yoshigai
Dancers Yui Yabuki Kaho Kogure

[Entry No36]

| Carolina Alejos & Aitor Echeverría | 7' 00 | SPAIN
Hunger, loneliness and the will to survive push Fao to embark on a journey that will bring her face to face with her fears...

Year Produced 2010
Director Carolina Alejos, Aitor Echeverría
Choreographer Carolina Alejos
Composer Omar Sosa
Editor Sergi Dies
Dancers Nora Chipaumire, Souleymane Badolo
Producer (funders) Mireia Ibars

[Entry No111]
| Alma Arboleda | 9' 33 | FRANCE
Movements, hesitations, prayers. The time of a short journey a woman attempts to envision her new presence, her body dancing her hidden promises. She is in search of grace of unknown voices and identities that could inhabit her. She and her son dance together holding fragile threads that create new possibilities.

Year Produced 2011
Director Alma Arboleda
Choreographer Francisco Arboleda
Editor Alma Arboleda
Dancers Ofelia Betancourt, Francisco Arboleda
Producer (funders) Alma and Francisco Arboleda

C program 101min
15 JAN 2012(SUN)13:30 - 15:30

[Entry No80]
| Maroussia Vossen Etienne Sandrin Antoine Miserey Laurence Braunberger | 10' 47 | FRANCE
Dancing in the snow
In a famous Paris square.
First step in a strange place
Where a dancer meets a cat.
Second step towards him
Who appears and disappears.
A strange relationship begins.
Human or animal no matter,
In the newborn feelings,
If somewhere there can appear
a "Patte de deux".

Director Maroussia Vossen Etienne Sandrin Antoine Miserey Laurence Braunberger
Choreographer Maroussia Vossen
Composer Maeero Coceano
Editor Veronique Linderberg
Dancers Maroussia Vossen
Production Les Films du Jeudi / Laurence BRAUNBERGER

[Entry No29]
Symbol that should be projected  映すべき象徴
| Satoshi Watanabe | 8' 29 | JAPAN

Director someido
Dancers Composer Tamura Masaki

[Entry No76]
The way we met
| Luca Truffarelli | 16' 00 | IRELAND
‘The way we met’ is an inter-generational dance piece celebrating shared experience between generations. This film, set in Sligo in the West of Ireland, documents the many people we met while creating a live performance piece. It focuses of the role of dance within a community and how it brings people together. We heard stories and memories from dancers aged 6 to 94, lifetimes of wisdom, humour, sadness, innocence and joy. Essentially, this is a film for and by the people of Sligo.

Year Produced 2011
Director Luca Truffarelli
Choreographer Liv O’Donoghue
Composer Benedict Schlepper-Connolly
Editor Michele Ragni
Dancers Liv O’Donoghue & the community of Sligo
Producer (funders) Arts Council of Ireland, Hawks Well Theatre, Sligo Arts Service: Sligo County Council

[Entry No107]
Happily Ever After
| Vladimir Končar | 14' 00 | CROATIA
We know what happens when two people fall in love. But what happens when they fall out of it?

Year Produced 2011
Director Vladimir Končar
Choreographer Maša Kolar & Zoran Marković
Composer Ivan Kapec
Editor & Director of Photography Vladimir Končar
Dancers  Maša Kolar & Zoran Marković
Producer (funders)  Vladimir Končar, Maša Kolar, Zoran Marković

[Entry No56]
| Nao Yoshigai | 1' 11 | JAPAN

Director, Choreographer, Composer Nao Yoshigai
Dancers Yui Yabuki, Mutsumi Hyodo

[Entry No105]
| Mariann Gaal Daniel Reich | 9' 30 | HUNGARY

Director Mariann Gaàl, Dàniel Reich
Choreographer Mariann Gaàl
Composer Samu Gryllus
Editor Gàbor Kertai
Dancer Ferenc Kàlmàn
Producer Natural Culture Found

[Entry No109]
plan B
| Jasmin Ellis | 4' 13 | CANADA, GERMANY

[Entry No59]
| Naoki Miyota | 35' 00 | JAPAN

Cast Keisuke Takechi (maguna-tech), Hiromi (maguna-tech), Shoich Motohara (MONT☆SUCHT), Ryo Takahashi, Kanako Hiramatsu (DaKaTz)
Original creator maguna-tech
Screenplay maguna-tech, Naoki Miyota
Animation director maguna-tech, Naoki Miyota
Director & Director of Photography & Editor Naoki Miyota
Music Keisuke Takechi (maguna-tech)
Hair make Yuki Mizuno, Kaori Nakajima
Special Thanks KAWAGUCHI ART FACTORY, Tsuyoshi Ochiai

D program 92min

15 JAN 2012 (SUN) 16:00 - 18:00

[Entry No5]
| Rosane Chamecki Andrea Lerner | 5' 00 | USA

Director Rosane Chamecki, Andrea Lerner
Producer Tanja Meding
Performers Hristoula Harakas, Levi Gonzales
Editor Patrick Pierson
Composer Vivian LeWine, Josephine Wiggs

[Entry No110]
Pagan Inner
| alessandro amaducci | 6' 25 | ITALY

Director Alessandro Amaducci
Choreographer Caterina Genta
Composer & Editor Alessandro Amaducci
Dancer Caterina Genta

[Entry No70]
| Inêz Guerreiro | 8' 19 | Brazil
Inêz Guerreiro’s arts Education initiated at Faculdade de Belas Artes de São Paulo and Pontifícia Universidade Católica de Campinas. She studied dance in various places, such as, Conservatório Carlos Gomes de Campinas: Escola de Ballet Lina Penteado in Campinas; Escola do Teatro Municipal de São Paulo; Escola de Dança Monica Japiassú in Recife: Stagium Escola de Dança in São Paulo; Corpo Escola de Dança; Studium Ana Pavlova e Transforma, in Belo Horizonte.
Until the early 90’s she taught dance in schools and she works with photography since the late 80’s.

Year Produced 2011
Director Inêz Guerreiro and Marcos Vinícius Yoshiaki
Choreographer Zélia Monteiro
Composer Pepe Cisneiros
Editor Tom Butcher Cury
Dancers Inêz Guerreiro
Producer (funders) Inêz Guerreiro

[Entry No35]
Antítesis (Antithesis)

| Natalia de la Vega | 11' 30 | ARGENTINA
A woman falls to the floor and before her death occurs she is a victim of an inner struggle: violence and loneliness burst into her body transforming it. This happens in the last thousandth of a second in her life.

Year Produced 2011
Country of Production Argentina
Director Natalia de la Vega
Choreographer Selva Lecot
Composer Sofia Straface
Editor Natalia de la Vega
Dancers Selva Lecot, Valeria Cardelle, Mariana Di Silverio
Producer (funders)  PRODANZA City Government of Buenos Aires, University of Buenos Aires, Fujifilm, Cinecolor Argentina

[Entry No90]
| Pedro Sena Nunes | 10' 00 | PORTUGAL
The collision between a man and a woman gives birth to an aquatic confinement. The woman indulges in a subtle and gracious existence. The fusion with what nature awakes on her impels to develop in new worlds, worlds of hunger, survival, laxity; an all the most sublime reality. A new life is generated; moves, breaths, flows in a place of embryonic echoes. The arousing of the touch at the earth’s material complexity obliges her to confront her own ephemeral condition and the destructive power of creation.
The man appears and disappears.

This film reflects an organic body, crushed by a time that escapes with unbearable urgency. It exposes the thesis of nonsensical world that comes into collision with the very nature of the universe. The man is placed in his failed attempt to invent a future for only human animals. In this story we are confronted with a being layered in survival that is indistinguishable from desire: the composition of a new breath

Year Produced 2010
Country of Production Portugal
Director Pedro Sena Nunes
Choreographer Ana Rita Barata
Composer Vasco Pinhol
Editor Petar Toskovic
Dancers Ana Rita Barata
Producer (funders) Pedro Sena Nunes e sara Vizinho

[Entry No114]

| SHO OHASHI | 16' 14 | JAPAN

[Entry No92]
In Full Bloom
| Luke Aaron Forbes | 1' 00 |  GERMANY
“Capricious, wanton, bold, and brutal lust Is meanly selfish; when resisted, cruel; And, like the blast of pestilential winds, Taints the sweet bloom of nature's fairest forms.” - John Milton

Year Produced 2011
Director Jan Heybowitz (DE) & Oliver Mahlich (DE)
Choreographer Luke Aaron Forbes (AU)
Composer The James Gang - Ashes, The Rain And I
Editor Jan Heybowitz (DE) & Oliver Mahlich (DE)
Dancers Luke Aaron Forbes (AU) & Anna Süheyla Harms (AU)
Producer (funders)  Luke Aaron Forbes (AU) & Jan Heybowitz (DE)

[Entry No97]
Tickle Me to Death

| Maia Elisabeth Sørensen | 8' 00 | DENMARK
In this magnified image of the reserved Nordic mindset, a Playful Lady invades a desolate town, hunting for fun. On her way she meets the Tight-Mouthed Auntie and the Stuck-up Gentleman who respond unusually to the Lady’s advances.

Year Produced 2010
Director Maia Elisabeth Sørensen
Choreographer Maia Elisabeth Sørensen
Director of photography Alberto Balazs
Composer David Sannella
Editor Nicolas Servide Staffolani
Dancers  Maia Elisabeth Sørensen, Kasper Jensen, Nanna Schaumburg-Müller, Batman (cat)
Producer (funders)  Maia Elisabeth Sørensen
funded by the Danish Filmworkshop/Danish Filminstitute

[Entry No65]
nai-mono-gatari ~Something Missing~

| Yu Iwasaki | 25' 00 | JAPAN

Director Cinematographer 
Editor Yu Iwasaki
Dancers Reina Izumi, Ritsuko Mano, Minoru Hatanaka
Choreographers Reina Izumi, Ritsuko Mano
Music Yosuke Kinoshita


14 JAN 2012(SAT)14:30 - 16:30

Kohji Hirano & Kaori Harada

DRIVE [dance]
Tatsuro Nishikawa & Akene Omori, Kaoru Omori , Aoi Omori

Meitei Yamada & Yoriko Maeno

Takayuki Fukada & Yohei Hamada, Nodoka Muta

Ryunosuke Ishikawa & Mayumi Tanaka

Erika Sugiyama & Mikiko Kawamura

program 29.APR
program 30.APR
program 01.MAY
program 02.MAY