AAS film art series
DMJ International Video Dance Festival 2010 

29 APR - 2 MAY 2010

Place: Asahi Art Square, Tokyo
1-23-1 superdry hall 4F, Azumabashi, Sumida-ku, Tokyo, #130-0001, Japan

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Naoto Iina
Producer, Director
Dance and Media Japan

Naoto IINA is Director of Dance and Media Japan. He seeks fusion of dances and digital technologies, and offers workshops, lectures and performances in the genre of media performance. He has engaged in “Post Theater”, a media performance unit based in Berlin, “GAGA/JAPAN” which promotes “GAGA”, a method created by Ohad NAHARIN (director of Batsheva Dance Company), “MAMUSKA Tokyo”, “International Dance Video Festival”, and others. He participated in “DANCE x MUSIC” organized by JCDN as auteur. He is part-time lecturer at Tokyo Zokei University and Nagoya University of Arts.

Mio Shirai

Mio Shirai began her career as an artist in late 80s, she was acclaimed for her conceptual installations in which irrational situations, including elements of contradiction and distortions, were created through a combination of ready made objects. Her works had exhibited internationally and recent works includes video strongly express the aspects of cultural collision and transition, also tends to explore the relationship in between media and body.

Ritsuko Mizuno
Artistic Director
Japan Contemporary Dance Network(JCDN), a non profit organization

She was a dancer of butoh company Byakkosha from 1980 to 1994, and experienced activities of DTW and Movement Research in New York in 1996. Since she took part in the establishment preparation office of JCDN in 1998, she has been planning JCDN's own projects and organizing coordination projects. She started researches on building of dance network in Asia and Japan as a senior fellow of the Nippon Foundation API Fellowships in 2005. Her recent production is "DANCE x MUSIC! vol.3" of JCDN Creation Series and its reinterpretation as a video piece.

Yu Murai
Kaimaku Pennant race

Theatrical production『ROMEO and TOILET』was presented in New York in 2009, and was obtained the stage review publishing of ' The New York Times ’ etc.Presided performance group "Kaimaku Pennant race" is called "BLUE MAN in Asia".


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