AAS film art series
DMJ International Video Dance Festival 2010

from Naoto IINA (DMJ International Videodance Festival 2010 / producer)

I am very excited that 140 films from around the world have entered the festival , and advance in quality and wide variety of expression.

< This is the screening standards >
Not documentation of stage
Not promotion video
Not only demonstration of technology, effect
Good camerawork and editing
Good performance
A film what express something
Find a message(story,theme) of creator inside the work

I excluded a film that show a film as "video-instalation" more interesting than as "Video dance". A loop image without time-line is video-installation and Video-Art. Because The figure of expression is different from cinema and video-installation. "Videodance" close to "Cinema".
And I tried to select with a wide-view, I would like different genres of audience to watch
On the final day(2.MAY.2010), I give feedback about a works with a commentators in various fields.

program A
29.APR.2010 / 13:00 - 17:00

"choreographer makes videodance."
basic video camera technic for choreographers.

teacher : Naoto IINA (director)
fee: 1000 yen

program B
29.APR.2010 / 19:00 - 21:00

Entry No.2/
photo Tanja MedingFLYING LESSON
director Rosane Chamecki, Andrea Lerner, Phil Harder
choreographer Rosane Chamecki, Andrea Lerner
dancer/performer Rosane Chamecki, Andrea Lerner
editor Darren Roark

Entry No.8/
director Diego Agulló
choreographer Anja müller, Dennis Deter, Diego Agulló
dancer/performer Anja müller, Dennis Deter, Diego Agulló
sound designer Diego Agulló
lighting designer Diego Agulló
editor Diego Agulló
costume designer Dennis Deter
make up artist Anja müller

Entry No.14/
Mus Musculus
director Kimmo Alakunnas
choreographer Kimmo Alakunnas
dancer/performer Kimmo Alakunnas
sound designer Jouni Tauriainen
lighting designer Vespa Laine
editor Kimmo Alakunnas, Vespa Laine
screenplay Kimmo Alakunnas, Vespa Laine

Entry No.15/
photo Yves Cantraine/Les Mots BleusEL CONVENTO
director Yves Cantraine & Joaquin Embi
choreographer Rocio Fernandez
performers Rocio Fernandez, Maria Ibarretxe, Manuel Fuentes
music Oscar Villegas
editor Yves Cantraine & Joaquin Embi

Entry No.19/
photo Laszlo BlahoBarbakán (Barbakan)
director Mariann Gaal
choreographer Mariann Gaal
sound designer Zoltan Karaszek, Gyorgy Lorincz
lighting designer Peter Blaho
editor Gabor Kertai
make up artist Dora Kertai
composer Samu Gryllus

Entry No.21/
Bukfenc (Somersault)
director Bernadette Mayer, Rita Góbi, Dramaturg Katalin Turai
choreographer Rita Góbi
dancer/performer Vesa-Petteri Asikainen
director of photography, lightning design: Nyika Jancsó
sound designer Csaba Gyulai, József Gáspár
lighting designer Sándor Varga, István Stecz
editor Sára Haragonics
costume designer Barbara Fóris
make up artist Orsolya Petrilla

Entry No.27/
Sncope (Syncope)
director authors Edgar Santinhos & Ins Jacques
film director Edgar Santinhos
choreographer Ins Jacques
dancer/performer Ins Jacques
music Eduardo Raon
sound caption Ricardo Ganho
editor Edgar Santinhos
production zut!
co-production festival temps d’images
aknolegments INEM, Metro de Lisboa, Duvideo, Crash peças, Regimento Sapadores de Lisboa, Bombeiros Lisbonenses, Restart